Premium Flight in Economic Price

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Carlos Slim Acquires Mexican Gold Mine for $750 Million

Slim, the world’s richest person according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, is betting precious metals will show resilience as the global economy struggles to grow. The price of gold, which is poised to rise for the 12th straight year, hasn’t dropped below $1,500 an ounce in more than a year. The proposed sale would be the largest gold deal involving a Mexican company, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

The question is, how many of the world’s billionaires hold their ‘wealth’ in real physical assets vs paper financial ‘assets’ that depend on ‘confidence’ to be of any value? Judging by the current prices of silver and gold, likely not even a single one. The world’s billionaires would do well in following in the footsteps of the Texas Hunt Brothers in regards to protecting their wealth by converting their financial assets denominated in fiat paper currencies (virtual wealth) into pure physical silver (real wealth), but most are players within the financial system con-game, and would rather not rock the boat, lest they suffer the fate of the Hunt Brothers at the hands of ‘Big Brother’.

And so the role of the ‘Hunt Brothers’ is bestowed upon the few men and women throughout the world who continue to do what even the world’s billionaires are afraid to do, namely, give fiat paper ‘money’ a vote of no-confidence by converting their hard-earned paper ‘money’ into the money of the ancients–silver and gold, and thus transform their ‘slave’ labor (working for fiat ‘money’) into real labor of substance and of value (working for silver and gold).

There are already quite a few mainstream billionaires and near-billionaires investing heavily in gold (Eric Sprott, Frank Giustra, Bill Gross, Doug Casey, Ray Dalio, David Einhorn-just to name a few).

This positive trend can only continue and accelerate in the near future, although I think the big moves in gold will occur when the multitudes of millionaires start getting into gold (there are a lot more millionaires than billionaires).

Project management software

Using project management software is becoming a necessity every business today. Project management software has the capacity to help plan, organize, and manage resource pools and develop resource estimates. One of the most common project management software tool types is scheduling tools. Scheduling tools are used to sequence project activities and assign dates and resources to them. Project planning software can be expected to provide information to various people or stakeholders, and can be used to measure and justify the level of effort required to complete the project(s).

Project management describes just what plan is and securing an appropriate people and resource to plan, perform and deliver a project on time and on budget. Comindware Project is an innovative Collaboration and Project Management tool that simplifies planning for project managers and facilitates execution for project members, Easily manage your projects and team online.

The most beneficial project management software is truly one who meets or suits the necessities for your completion of the project. The successful completion of a product development project brings helps an organization to achieve its objectives and it stands to gain by becoming a leader in its field of choice. Choosing the right software for your business will require little research and homework while you need to understand a program that will yield you the maximum benefit.

Catering In The Uk – New Business Plan

Catering Business

Catering Business

Which Foods?

The Brits are well known for their fish and chips. Therefore it wont come as a surprise to know that it still is the most popular take away meal in the country. The next most popular foods are Indian, Chinese and Italian. Mexican food is getting popular too. Lots of people like to have bar meals in their local pubs. If you are thinking of starting a business, follow the trend, go for the most popular options. Your business will stand a chance. So if you think your village needs another coffee shop, go ahead.

Starting up
The first thing to do is to make a business plan. Your local authority will point you in the right direction and you may be able to get some help with that. Make sure you have adequate funds to start up your business and have money set aside to tide you over in the first few months until you are established. It takes time to get a business going, so be prepared for a slow start. It takes time and effort to build up a business and your hard work and patience will be rewarded if people keep coming back and bring their friends along, too.

Location is important
Try to find affordable premises in a prominent place. Look for a decent location in the best area you can afford according to your budget, like a place in the high street. Lots of high street shops are closing, due to supermarkets taking over and people resorting to online sales. This is your chance to snap up premises at knock down prices.

A food van is also a consideration. You see them outside large shopping centres and they always seem to be busy. Hungry men are easily seduced by the smell of burgers and fried onions.

People will always want a takeaway after a gruelling day at work, or as a Saturday family treat. Just make sure your one is different to the rest. Perhaps its time to start up a Mexican takeaway?

Different from the Rest
Try to have a special feature and find your niche. Its good for marketing purposes. Offer something different from the rest. If you are a good baker or a specialist pie maker or make the most heartening soups in town, use that to promote your business. Choose a name to reflect that talent. Invite local groups to attend for special events, book groups, poetry evenings or art society meetings. You could maybe sell some of their art on your walls. Do anything that defines you as different from the rest.

Keep it simple
The downturn in the economy has people of all incomes tightening their belts. It’s best to stick to tried and tested mainstream dishes, with a couple more fancy options on the menu. That way you are assured a steady income. You can upgrade your menu a bit when things get busier, but always have simple options available for your regular customers.

Source catering equipment and linen online for special deals. Dont buy too cheap, as it will be a false economy. Get a good coffee machine, it will be worth its weight in gold.

Print and distribute leaflets and brochures, perhaps with a discount voucher for their first visit. Invite local press to the opening. This will all help in promoting your new food business.

You need to provide value for money, good quality food and some decent menu choices. Maybe you could include some low calorie options for dieters with calories or points printed on the menu? Provide tasty wholesome meals that will keep people coming back again.

Make A Plan For Your Home Based Business Opportunity

Home Business

Home Business

If you are going to start your home based internet business, you should have clear ideas about your home based business ideas and home based business opportunity.

How to develop your ideas?

First you have to make an effective plan for your internet based home business. You should have a clear conception of online marketing strategies and you should also know how to implement them appropriately. The information is there on the web. You just have to accumulate and assemble them.

What you should do to start your home based internet business?

Choose a company which is legal
Get acquainted with online promotional methods
Use them in the right manner
Be steady
Make a daily plan beforehand

What are essential for your home based internet business?

You have to organize the following things in order to start your home internet based business-

Create a website: A website is essential for your home based internet business. The site should be well-designed and easy to handle.

Legal things: Make sure that your home based internet business has the proper license and other vital legal clearances. Itd be good if it has insurance coverage.

Be positive about your products and services: You have to supply a complete description about your products and services.

Finance: It is the most vital thing. Keep a note of every business related expenditure.

Set your goals: Fix your target.

Follow the lessons while going to start home based internet business

1. The first priority is to gather the e-mail addresses of all the visitors and make a list of potential customers. You can use the list to give product updates or anything you prefer.

2. Your website is the base of your home internet business. A professional look is essential for your site. The site has to be well-designed and user-friendly.

3. If you want to make profit, you have to find the right niche. A niche is important for specific requirement of the customers. If you can meet up their needs, you will be rewarded.

4. It needs time and effort to generate traffic for your website. The key is to use as many as links possible in your site. You can use your own affiliate program or provide a free product or service.

5. Selling own products is more money-making than marketing affiliate programs. Some of the best Internet sellers are information, internet services, software, private sites.

6. Building clients trust is essential in internet business. You have to enhance your credibility to the target audience.

7. Automation is essential to save valuable time. So try to make the possible areas computerized. Some of them can be welcome and thank you message, customer follow-up, order processing and so on.

8. Organization is a key part to create a thriving home based business.

9. Focus on customer satisfaction and provide customer support, when required.

10. If you want to earn a huge amount of money, you have to invest a good amount. You have to spend on computer, software, internet connection, advertising etc.

Go through the above-mentioned tips and run a successful home based internet business.

Keys to a Successful Home Business

Home Business

Home Business

Everyone wants to work from home, but often it is hard to know where to get started. Pinpointing a product or service that people want and are willing to purchase can be difficult. However, there are many different options for working from home and before too long most people are able to narrow down a few ideas that interest them. Once these people have settled on an idea, though, it can be hard to know what to do next. However, it is possible to create a productive and lucrative home business from your idea. The purpose of this article is to show you a few keys to getting your home business idea off the ground.

Before you do anything else, you need to get your business online. Internet marketing is a big deal these days and you dont want to miss out on this important way of promoting your business. Take the time to research your options and dont forget that there are professionals who can help you if you feel overwhelmed with the idea of setting up and maintaining a website..

Once you have a website, make sure that you promote it. Taking advantage of advertising and meta tags can help your website be noticed. You may have constructed one of the finest websites on the internet, however it will be useless if no one knows about it. You must establish a presence on the web, you must promote your website. There are many forms of both free and paid advertising, as well as direct mail, email marketing and article submissions these all contribute towards being noticed on the web. Also, dont underestimate the power of word of mouth. Talk to those you meet about your home business and give them your website address. This is an easy and free way to promote your website.

Now that your website is up and running, take a moment to work on your customer service for your home business. Often, people will not buy a product simply because the business has poor communication. Be careful to answer all emails and telephone calls quickly. Be friendly and provide great service to the customer, in addition to a great product. Making money online will be a lot easier if your customers are happy. If customers and pleased with your product/service they will recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

Remember, starting a home business is not easy and it takes a lot of hard work, not to mention dedication, motivation, stamina and perseverance. However, if you stick with it, not expecting success to happen overnight and take the time to provide a quality product with even higher quality service, then you will succeed. Working at home is possible and it can be a great option for you and your family.

Careers In International Business

International Business

International Business

Getting into a career in International Business is neither a very easy task nor an uphill battle. With the proper education and a positive attitude, anyone can get into a successful career in International business. Extensive traveling, willingness to meet new people of different cultures, knowledge about foreign languages and good socializing skills are very much essential for a career in International Business. There are three important factors to be considered for getting into a successful career in International business.

The International business Degree

Along with qualities like willingness to travel to different countries and meet & socialize with different people there is one basic necessity which is indispensable when seeking career opportunities in International business. This basic necessity is an International Business Degree. Without an International business degree, it is rare to even get into entry level careers in International business.

A degree in International business is the basic qualification for careers in International business. International business is a very competitive field and hence the success in the career depends on the quality of education that you get. It is very important to choose the best college to get training in International Business.

The undergraduate degree programs such as Bachelor of arts in International relations are the programs that will prepare students to meet the challenges that will arise in the International Business world. The candidates of Bachelor of arts in International relations will be taught with the essentials skills like ability to understand and critically analyze current trends in the international system.

Opportunity to visit Different Countries

Once you attain an International Business degree, you can seek career opportunities in International companies and organizations. If you have a passion for traveling to different countries, you will really love this career. The careers in International business will get you the opportunity to visit different countries and meet people of different cultures and traditions. The career in international business will be very much interesting as you will be able to share your ideas with people around the Globe.

The Need for Communication skills

The success of your career in International business greatly depends upon your communication skills. You should be well aware of foreign cultures so that you can communicate with clients and suppliers worldwide effectively. The needed communication skills for careers in International business can be learned from the International Relations degree programs. This Bachelor Degree program will teach you communication skills and will also help you learn foreign languages of your interest.

Once all the above said factors about the careers in International business fall in place, career success is a guarantee.

Business Planning – Things To Consider

Business Planning

Business Planning

A business plan is a very essential component for an starting or already existing business. At times business planning can be time consuming and at times costly especially when a business has to hire a business professional to carry out the procedure on its behalf. There are two main business planning considerations. One a business doing the planning on its own and second a business hiring a business consultancy. Now one can decide to carry out personal business procedures but before then one may be required to taking business planning lessons for one to come up with workable, productive and effective business plan. Again one may need to know a business plan in and out to make the business planning a success. All the business planning fundamentals and processes involved.

It is important to a business entrepreneur or business to understand many business plans starts from actual plan writing. The goals and achievements of the business have to be clearly spelled out and the actual carrying out of the business plan especially taking the first step is one of the most crucial and at times hard tasks in implementing a business plan. Personal business planning is recommended for small businesses that are not able to afford fees for hiring a professional business planner.

Here are essential tips that will enable you come up with a workable and achievable business planning. First it is important to first note that the business’ objectives, goals and the time that will be used are very essential in business planning. Patience is required as it may take time before a business plan’s fruits are acquired. Secondly it is of essence to develop both short term and long term goals. The short times goals can be used in achieving the long time goals. Then next one may be required to create a written plan. The written plan will help you in accomplishing the stated goals and objectives. The initial stages may not as perfect and trying editing at the initial stages may not be such a good idea. Leave the editing and structuring bit to the final business plan drafts. Finally is the implementation of the drafted business plan.

Now if a company or business is able to afford the fees, then it is much better to consider hiring a business planning consultancy than do it on its own. The following are reasons as to why one may consider hiring a professional business planner or consultancy. First when a company hires a person to undertake business planning it will reduce the time that will be used in coming up with the business plan. The time will reduced as many of the business consultancy are familiar with the business planning structures and procedures. The faster the plan is completed the better it will be for the business owners or investors.

Free Business Plan Templates

Secondly use of professional help will ensure that a plan attains a professional outset which investors will look at without much questions or undoings. Again outside professionals will ensure that the business plan contains the business’ expectations and projects that are not emotional attached. Having said so it is important that a business owner ensures that the hired professional in the business plan only includes what the business is comfortable with and that that matches the business’ objectives and goals.

Small Business Management Making The Most Of Your Business

Small Business Management

Small Business Management

Small business management is no small task. To keep a company open, one really has to be aware of every aspect of their organization. If company managers want to do more than keep the doors open, if they want to see growth and potentially franchise, they have to be even more careful to ensure that all aspects of the enterprise are very balanced and that the business is protected. There have been some seemingly very successful enterprises in the past that have failed because the owners and the management have failed to see some problems or risks that were putting the whole company on the line. With the proper information and education, anyone can protect their business now to ensure its growth and success in the future.

Knowing how to go about small business management can be very difficult. Luckily, there are a lot of resources out there for companies to help them understand not only the nature of their business but the fine balance between profits and market risks. Individuals can go to the library and find that they have a huge selection of books and guides that will provide them with enough information about managing your enterprise, in fact they may very well have enough to read for the rest of their life!

The bookstore is the same way, though individuals may find a lot of the books at the bookstore more relevant because they carry the latest and greatest books that can offer not only the timeless management tips and techniques, but also new things to try. Many find they can attend courses and classes. Basically, professionals can spend all of your free time learning how to run a better business. But, will they help? Will owners really be able to learn everything they need to know to run a better business?

The Internet has become a great way to learn about small business management. Most companies probably dont have a lot of extra time to dedicate to school, courses, and reading, so Internet education really is a great way to go. In very little time each day or each week, anyone can attend online classes or receive online information that will provide them with the information they need to run a better company. Managers simply have to pick and choose carefully which information they buy into, as it may not all apply to them and their enterprise.

Customer Relationship Business Management

Business Management

Business Management

Info at hand is the “Business Portal” and central application in our CRBM Platform. Depending on your perspective or roles played in your business processes, you will find a benefit and perhaps many that apply to you. If you are a manager or book keeper there are several features that can help you track assets, inventory and help you gather solid business intelligence. If you are a production manager or talent resource there are many tools for managing project and improving efficiency or collaboration of your team. If you are a system administrator there are many tools for managing roles, teams and other system wide configuration and customizations.

There are really 5 clear value propositions that make the CRBM platform a perfect choice for virtually any small to mid-sized business:

1. Consolidated business management with reporting, automations, HR, Project Management with project profit loss tracking, Timesheet, and more.

2. Seamless integration with the Joomla CMS for virtually unlimited expandability for front end customer portal, partner portal or social networking community.

3. e-Commerce synchronization for a full transaction life cycle management and ERP inventory management capabilities with Shipping and Receiving.

4. One time licensing fee on premise model and low cost of entry.

5. Close integration and two way synchronizations with QuickBooks and Microsoft Outlook.

Our Info at hand based CRBM (Customer Relationship Business Management) has helped large number of organizations to manage their various functions including:

Marketing Management
Document Management
Inventory Management

1). Marketing Management:

1.A).Sales force automation:
Sales force automation includes lead capture, and the promotion of leads to Opportunities;
Opportunity tracking with sales stage and percentage likelihood;
Sales pipeline tracking, with graphical charts that offer drill-down from the bar or segment of the chart to the data that underlies it;
Definition of sales teams and territories, to manage information sharing and track sales performance by territory;
Sales forecasting and comparison of forecasts to quotas and actuals, by team or by individual;
Lead source analysis of sales and opportunities;
Flexible reporting, to extract precisely the information you want to see;
Corporate calendar management, for arranging calls and meetings; and
Integrated Inbound and outbound Email, which is automatically added to account and contact history.

1.B).Email & Letter Mail Marketing Campaigns:
Marketing campaigns may be conducted with email templates for automatically customized emails, management of prospect lists, and tracking of campaign click-through rates.
A target list for an email campaign may be assembled from a mixture of prospects plus pre-existing contacts and leads. You may create a target list as the output of a report, facilitating the targeting of prospects or existing clients with specific characteristics. A special Quick Campaign feature makes it quick and easy to perform spur of the moment email campaigns.
You can also import lists of prospects (in either Comma Separated Values (CSV) or Tab Separated Values (TSV) formats).
A mail merge feature enables the execution of letter mail campaigns, and target lists may also be exported to MS Word for a variety of purposes.

2). Document Management:

Info at hand enables the sharing of business documents – from HR claim forms and Marketing collateral to Engineering designs.
Multiple revisions may be stored ensuring only approved documents are used.
Documents in any format can be filed, and may be searched by title, description, file type, status, department, keywords and owner.
Documents may be associated with Projects, Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, or Service Cases.
A project can have all of the project’s documentation attached to it. An account, lead or contact can have all related documents attached. And supporting documents for a service case can be attached to it.

3). Inventory Management:

Info at hand includes a full inventory management capability. Two key modules perform the bulk of inventory management – Shipping and Receiving. In addition, the Sales Orders and Purchase Orders modules, as well as the Invoices module, evolved to support the tracking of partially received Purchase Orders, and partially shipped Sales Orders or Invoices

4) Receiving:

The Receiving module lets users in shipping/receiving document the receipt of a shipment, list the items and quantities received, and link to the related Purchase Order (and Sales Order if any). It documents the inbound shipping provider, number of packages and weight, the supplier’s packing slip number,

5) Shipping:

The Shipping module lets users in shipping/receiving record the shipments they send out. As well, it links to the FedEx and UPS shipping and tracking web services to automate those activities when using these shipping providers. It documents the outbound shipping provider, number of packages and weight, the packing slip number (it can also produce PDFs of packing slips), and the date shipped.